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Comfort Home Health Care Client Testimonials

How do you find a skilled, reliable home care provider in South Carolina? You don’t just open the phone book. You look around, research your options and ask the opinions of people you trust.

Satisfied clients and their families are the heart of Comfort Home Health Care's success. We appreciate the opportunity to serve them, and we thank them for their enthusiastic support. Read some of their comments below, and then give us a call!

Comfort Home Health Care has been professional, reliable, and flexible. I have never had to worry about service. I was extremely comfortable with the aides that have been placed with both my mother and father. Our experience was wonderful and we would never hesitate to recommend Comfort Home Health Care.  ~ Angie M.
My wife and I are happy with the services we are receiving from Comfort Home Health Care. We were happy from the first phone call we made and a live person actually answered the phone. Ever since the company has been great at getting us help whenever we need it.  ~ Sara R.
Thank you for everything you have done over the last 6 weeks. Valerie has done an outstanding job. She has been very helpful in helping me maintain my independence. She keeps me company, makes sure I take my medicines on time, and helps with everyday tasks. Her presence has been very important in helping me handle the daily stress. ~ John A.
Thank you for all you have done for our family. Before using Comfort Home Health Care we used several other independent caregivers that were inconsistent and undependable. My mother has alzheirmers and we have now been able to establish a routine of care that I can count on and allows me to continue working to support our family. Your caregivers all seem to enjoy working for your company. Thank you for 5 great years of service and we look forward to many more. ~ Melody H